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ACFT Calculator

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The Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) serves as the ultimate assessment of a soldier’s readiness for duty and combat. The 6-event fitness test gauges muscular strength, endurance, power, speed, agility, mobility, balance, and coordination.

Scoring well on the ACFT demonstrates a commitment to overall physical preparedness and the ability to handle the intense challenges of military service. Beyond meeting minimum standards, soldiers are encouraged to optimize their ACFT performance. This symbolizes an exceptional level of fitness and dedication.

This article provides comprehensive guidance on strategically enhancing ACFT scores through training, nutrition, tracking progress, and the optimal mindset.

ACFT Format: Events and Scoring Methodology

Event Gender Points 17-21 22-26 27-31 32-36 37-41 42-46 47-51 52-56 57-61 62+
MDL (lbs) Female 100 210 230 230 230 210 210 190 190 170 170
Male 100 340 340 340 340 340 340 330 290 250 230
SPT (meters) Female 100 8.4 8.5 8.7 8.6 8.2 8.1 7.8 7.4 6.6 6.6
Male 100 12.6 13.0 13.1 12.9 12.8 12.3 11.6 10.6 9.9 9.0
HRP (reps) Female 100 53 50 48 47 41 36 35 30 24 24
Male 100 57 61 62 60 59 56 55 51 46 43
SDC (m:ss) Female 100 1:55 1:55 1:55 1:59 2:02 2:09 2:11 2:18 2:26 2:26
Male 100 1:29 1:30 1:30 1:33 1:36 1:40 1:45 1:52 1:58 2:09
PLK (m:ss) Female 100 3:40 3:35 3:30 3:25 3:20 3:20 3:20 3:20 3:20 3:20
Male 100 3:40 3:35 3:30 3:25 3:20 3:20 3:20 3:20 3:20 3:20
2MR (mm:ss) Female 100 15:29 15:00 15:00 15:18 15:30 15:49 15:58 16:29 17:18 17:18
Male 100 13:22 13:27 13:31 13:42 13:58 14:05 14:30 15:09 15:28 15:28

The ACFT comprises the following test events:

  • MDL – Maximum Deadlift: Evaluates lower body strength
  • SPT – Standing Power Throw: Tests upper body explosive power
  • HRP – Hand Release Push-Ups: Assesses upper body endurance
  • SDC – Sprint-Drag-Carry: Measures agility, anaerobic capacity
  • PLK – Plank: Gauges core strength and stability
  • 2MR – 2 Mile Run: Evaluates aerobic endurance

Scoring is based on performance in each event, with 100 maximum points available per component. Standards vary by age and gender.

Minimum passing scores provide a baseline of qualification. But to truly excel:

  • Aim for 420+ points to be rated ‘Excellent’
  • Scores of 540+ demonstrate exemplary fitness
  • A perfect 600 reflects exceeding all benchmarks

Now let’s explore how to systematically build the capacity to hit those high scores.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using the ACFT Calculator

The ACFT Calculator allows you to accurately analyze your current performance and identify areas for improvement. Here’s how to use it effectively:

  1. Input age and gender for customized standards
  2. Fill in your raw scores for each of the 6 test events
  3. The calculator will instantly compute your overall and component scores based on Army tables
  4. Compare your scores to the minimum, average and exceptional benchmarks
  5. Identify your stronger and weaker events
  6. Use the insights to tailor training for boosting weaker events
  7. Track scores over time to quantify progress
  8. Share results with coaches or fellow soldiers for motivation

Regular use of the calculator provides data-driven direction to your efforts for optimizing ACFT performance.

Crafting a Personalized ACFT Training Strategy

Training for the ACFT necessitates a multi-faceted approach given the diversity of fitness attributes assessed. Key elements include:

A) Progressive Overload

  • Gradually increase workout intensity, weight, sets, reps, speed
  • Push past plateaus to boost capacity

B) Event-Specific Drills

  • Targeted training for enhancing each event
  • Muscle groups, skills and energy systems

C) Periodization and Recovery

  • Vary training focus through the year
  • Deload weeks to enable muscle repair and growth

D) Simulate Test Conditions

  • Practice events with full gear, commands and standards
  • Builds technical proficiency and mental readiness

E) Detailed Data Tracking

  • Log workouts, metrics, diet, sleep patterns
  • Identify correlations and optimize inputs

F) Preventing Overtraining

  • Listen to body cues and avoid injury
  • Adjust training load and allow adequate recovery

The ultimate aim is peak performance on test day!

Fuelling Your Body Strategically for the ACFT

Optimal nutrition provides the foundation for excelling during testing and amplifying adaptations during training. Key principles include:

  • Adequate protein intake for building and repairing muscle
  • Timed carbohydrates to fuel workouts and replenish glycogen
  • Hydration to maintain energy levels and body temperature regulation
  • Reduced fat for better power-to-weight ratio
  • Micronutrients like magnesium and zinc for immunity and energy
  • Pre-event nutrition strategies like carb-loading
  • Post-event recovery nutrition to enable muscle growth
  • Avoiding drastic cuts in calories or weight close to test day

Fine-tuning diet over time based on tracking outcomes maximizes the nutritional base for high performance.

Cultivating the Optimal Mindset

Physical training must be supplemented with the right mental approach to genuinely excel on test day.


  • Goal setting provides direction and motivation
  • Visualization of executing events flawlessly
  • Positive self-talk to build confidence
  • Managing event-specific anxiety

Test Day

  • Coping methods like breathing exercises
  • Staying present without overthinking
  • Drawing on preparation to trust your capacity
  • Blocking negativity and distractions


  • Review and celebrate achievements
  • Extract learnings to guide future efforts
  • Recalibrate goals for continual improvement

A holistic training framework encompassing both physical and mental readiness sets you up for peak ACFT performance.

Sustaining a High Level of Fitness

Preparing for the ACFT must involve year-round training, nutrition and lifestyle habits – not just a short pre-test burst. Sustaining peak physical condition involves:

  • Rigorous training spanning all components
  • Intrinsically motivated rather than forced workouts
  • Continual progression by tracking metrics
  • Preventing chronic overtraining
  • Sufficient muscle recovery through nutrition and rest
  • Performance nutrition habits rather than temporary dieting
  • Minimizing stress, maximizing sleep
  • Enjoying the process of enhancing fitness

With consistency and dedication, soldiers engrain the capacity to perform at the highest level when it matters most.

Guiding Principles for Unlocking ACFT Potential

Approaching the ACFT as an opportunity to maximize your physical abilities rather than just qualification can power tremendous growth.


  • Set ambitious goals exceeding minimum standards
  • Focus on the long-term development process
  • Track detailed data trends to tailor training
  • Adopt a growth mindset
  • Train in harmony with your body
  • Make fitness a sustainable lifestyle


  • Build multi-faceted fitness
  • Actualize latent potential
  • Enhance soldiering capacity
  • Internalize a fitness identity
  • Heighten confidence and self-belief
  • Unlock performance psychology skills

Pursuing excellence reveals capabilities you didn’t know you possessed!

The Road to Physical Optimization

Preparing for peak ACFT performance parallels the broader journey towards actualizing your physical potential. While a perfect 600 score is tremendously challenging, the pursuit itself brings immense rewards.


  • Assessing your starting point honestly
  • Committing to the process wholeheartedly
  • Improving benchmark by benchmark
  • Pushing past comfort zones consistently
  • Building fitness across diverse parameters
  • Developing knowledge of your body and abilities
  • Learning to calibrate training, nutrition and recovery optimally


  • Exceeding your own expectations
  • Leveraging fitness gains towards higher goals
  • Being ready for any combat or duty scenario
  • Inspiring teammates through your example
  • Knowing your body is honed for peak performance
  • Internalizing an identity of excellence

The journey towards physical optimization makes you the best soldier you can be!


The ACFT is the ultimate test of overall fitness for soldiers. While meeting minimum standards is critical, optimizing your score should be an aspirational goal.

This requires intelligent training, nutrition and lifestyle strategies sustained over time. Progress must be continually tracked using tools like the ACFT calculator. Adopting an optimal mindset focused on growth and intrinsic motivation amplifies improvement.

Pursuing ACFT excellence drives you to actualize your physical potential. With the right inputs and unwavering commitment, any soldier can maximize their scores and capabilities. The journey will sculpt you into the elite soldier you wish to become.